How to pack a kids’ room for moving

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Moving requires both practical planning and emotional preparation, especially when you have children. When trying to pack a kids’ room for moving, you also have to worry about maintaining a sense of comfort and familiarity for your child. Toys, furniture, and keepsakes are important to them. After you are finished packing, working with a trustworthy company like moving and storage Sudbury can help you complete the relocation.

Involve your children in the process when you pack a kids’ room for moving

Getting your kids involved in packing up their own rooms can give them a sense of control over the situation. Letting them pack their own things also gives them a lesson in making choices and taking responsibility. Additionally, giving them the option to decide what to keep and what to let go can be both reassuring and instructive, especially when big changes are happening in their lives. Having a say in the matter can lessen any worries or unease they might feel about what’s going on.

Two girls helping to pack a kids' room for moving.
Letting your child to help you pack can teach them valuable lessons.

Packing time can also become a meaningful time for the family. It changes an otherwise dull task into a chance for everyone to connect. As you sort through old toys or wrap up their favorite things, your kids not only learn how to organize, but they also get a hands-on lesson in what’s truly important versus what can be let go. After downsizing,  Canada to US movers can organize your relocation and help you finish moving with your kids.

Prioritize essentials 

When you’re trying to pack a kids’ room for moving, it’s important to set aside a bag or box of must-have items. Kids, much like adults, find comfort in the things they know, especially when everything around them is changing. So, don’t just pack everything in sight. Think about what your child will need right away when you get to your new home. This special pack should have more than just soap and a change of clothes. Add things that make your child feel safe and comfortable, like a go-to toy, a much-loved book, or a cozy blanket.

  • make your child’s favorite toy easily accessible
  • a blanket can help them feel cozy in their new home
  • leave your everyday essentials separate when packing

Doing this can help your child adjust more quickly to the new home and make the whole moving process a lot less stressful for everyone. Think of everything you will need after a long drive or flight to your new home. You don’t want to rummage through box after box to find pajamas, toothpaste, or a particular stuffed animal that helps your child sleep. Just like experienced long distance movers Sudbury ON know, having a go-to box for immediate needs when moving can make a big difference.

Use clear plastic bins for toys

When it comes to packing up your children’s toys, the containers you pick can make or break the entire process. You may be tempted to throw them into the same kind of cardboard boxes you use for everything else. However, plastic bins make it possible to see what’s inside. In addition, they will last longer, making them an ideal choice if you plan on moving later on. Another benefit is that transparent plastic bins let you and your kids quickly see what’s in each box without needing to open it and dig around. This is really helpful when your child wants to find a particular toy or game right after you’ve moved.

A person's feet sticking out of a moving box.
Although cardboard boxes work just fine, the plastic ones are more durable.

On top of that, reliable residential movers Sudbury ON recommend you use plastic bins because they are stronger than cardboard boxes. They can stand up to spills and wet conditions much better. After you’ve settled into your new place, you can use them to keep your children’s toy collection organized. They’re easy to stack in a closet or slide under the bed. So, by taking some time to think about what you really need and choosing the right containers, you’re setting yourself up for an easier, more organized move.

Protect art and craft supplies when you pack your kids’ room for moving 

Tossing markers, paints, and crayons into one box may seem like the most practical way to pack them, but it can be a bad idea. This careless approach can result in broken items, leaks, and even unwanted chemical reactions. Instead, sort these supplies by what they are and how easily they can break. For example, you could put markers in one zip-lock bag and crayons in another to keep the colors from blending together. Place paint jars upright in a box that has dividers to stop them from tipping over and spilling. For fragile items like handmade clay figures or paper crafts, use special compartments so they don’t get squashed.

Two girls doing arts and crafts.
Protecting art and crafts supplies when you pack a kids’ room for moving ensures they arrive safely.

Taking the time to pack these art supplies in a detailed way might seem like extra work. However, it’s worth it. It ensures that these items last longer and stay useful. Using this approach and finding the right packing supplies Sudbury ON will help keep them in good shape. Once you start unpacking, you’ll be happy that you took these extra steps to ensure the safety of your things.

Label with colors and pictures

Labels serve multiple functions: they help in identifying contents, determining the room where the box should go, and making the unpacking process efficient. However, when it comes to a child’s room, an innovative approach to labeling can also turn the tedious task of unpacking into an intuitive and fun activity for kids. Consider using a color-coded system where each category of items corresponds to a different color. For example:

  • blue can be for bedtime essentials
  • use red for art supplies
  • yellow can be for seasonal clothes

Additionally, using pictures can make the identification process even more straightforward. A sticker on a book can indicate a box of reading materials. On the other hand, a teddy bear sticker might signify stuffed animals. Systems like these make it easier for kids to find what they are looking for. Furthermore, it also allows them to contribute to the unpacking process in a meaningful and fun way.

Pack a kids’ room for moving with these tips and tricks

When you include your kid in the packing process and use smart methods to pack a kids’ room for moving, you’re doing two things at once. You’re making the physical move easier, and you’re also giving emotional support to your child during this big change. Don’t overlook how useful these packing tips can be for reducing the stress that naturally comes with moving. Now, you avoid the mess and confusion that can happen when you’re settling into your new home.

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