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While living in Sudbury has many great sides, sometimes it’s simply time to move on to other ventures. Relocating to the States has many benefits you’ll be happy to experience. Of course, finding the right Canada to US movers to help you relocate always seems like the most taxing chore of all. Luckily, with Harris Movers by your side, you don’t have to look any further. With several decades of experience under our belt, we’ve managed to create a wide array of top-quality moving services made to meet each client’s needs perfectly. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and let us make your upcoming relocation swift and effortless.

View from a moving car on a road
Your relocation to the US can be a stress-free experience with professional movers

Why should you choose Harris Movers?

Moving with our company means moving with experience. We are one of the oldest moving companies in the area, with over 70 years of experience. No matter what your moving needs are, our professionally trained teams are here to help guide you through your dream relocation. Our company started as a family business, and we love making you feel part of our family. We will be here for all of your concerns and questions!

We take pride in our thriving reviews as well, as we love hearing from people we helped move. These also allow us to get insight into worries that our clients might have about moving. This can help us understand and constantly work on getting better at our service. Every move is different, and we will tailor your service to meet all of your needs. By choosing us, you are selecting a smooth and safe relocation, no matter where you are headed.

We offer many moving services to make your move to the States easier

Canada to US moving is not the only kind of relocation that we can help you with. In order to be successful, different moves require different approaches. In an effort to meet everyone’s needs, we also offer the following:

  • Packing services – Trying to pack the entirety of your home under the pressure of time is something no one wants to do. With our service, you will avoid this time-consuming process. With professionally trained experts and top-quality materials, all of your belongings will be packed safely.
  • Storage services – Oftentimes, you might need space for your items until you move them into your new home. Our storage units can be of great help during your move.
  • Commercial moving – Moving an office means there is a lot at stake. We will ensure that all of your equipment and furniture are at the new place quickly so that you can proceed with your work. Time is of the essence, and we don’t plan to waste any!
  • Residential moving – When moving to a new home, you want to look forward to decorating, meeting new people, and discovering new places. With Harris Movers by your side, you can focus your time and energy on that while we take care of the hard parts of moving.
  • Specialty moving services – Move all of your valuable artworks, antiques, safes, or even bulky furniture, such as hot tubs, safely and efficiently with our specialty moving services.
One of the interstate movers Sudbury ON packing glasses in a box
Canada to US movers will take care of your packing, storage, and transportation

There’s no move that’s too far away for Harris Movers. Whether you need to move within your city or anywhere in the world, we can make it happen. Aside from providing you with Canada to US moving services, we also offer the following:

Be aware of the challenges of moving to the US

Moving to a new country entails navigating distinct legal requirements, regulations, and customs procedures. When moving from Canada to the US, it’s crucial to be aware of these differences to ensure compliance and a seamless transition. In Canada, moving within provinces typically involves minimal formalities, while moving to a different country requires thorough planning and adherence to immigration laws. On the other hand, moving within the US involves complying with specific state regulations, but international moves require additional documentation and customs procedures.

Key differences to consider when moving from Canada to the US

Moving from Canada to the US is an exciting opportunity but can also present unique challenges. Understanding the differences between the two countries’ processes and regulations is essential for a  successful move.

The US flag
There are many differences you’ll need to consider, but don’t forget to rely on your Canada to US movers for help.

At Harris Movers, we specialize in Canada to US moving and have extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in cross-border relocations. Some of them include:

  • Immigration and visa requirements – Moving to the United States requires obtaining the appropriate immigration status and visa. The most common options include employment-based visas, family-based visas, or investment-related visas. Make sure to consult with an immigration lawyer or an expert to guide you through the process.
  • Taxation – The tax systems in Canada and the United States are different. The US follows a citizenship-based taxation system, which means that U.S. citizens and green card holders are required to report their worldwide income, regardless of where they reside. It’s important to understand your tax obligations so that you can take the best course of action.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare systems in Canada and the US have significant differences. In Canada, healthcare is primarily publicly funded and universally accessible, while in the United States, it is primarily private and insurance-based. Before moving, research and understand the healthcare options available to you in your new location, including health insurance coverage.
  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration – When relocating to the United States, you will typically need to obtain a U.S. driver’s license and register your vehicle in your new state of residence. Every state has its own rules and requirements for obtaining a driver’s license and registering a vehicle.

These are some of the key differences and considerations to keep in mind when relocating from Canada to the United States. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice when needed, and plan ahead to ensure a successful transition.

Steps to make your move a success

While our Canada to US movers will help you sort out the logistics and heavy lifting, a relocation of this caliber can be quite demanding. To make matters as easy as possible, we’ve prepared a list of all the things you should get to before embarking on your journey to the US, as follows:

  1. Assess financial considerations: Evaluate the financial aspects of the move. Consider factors such as cost of living, employment prospects, taxes, healthcare expenses, and potential currency exchange rates.
  2. Research your destination: Conduct thorough research on your intended destination in the US. Consider factors such as climate, cost of housing, quality of life, educational opportunities, healthcare facilities, and proximity to amenities.
  3. Plan a budget: Establish a realistic budget for your move. Take into account visa application fees, travel expenses, housing costs, shipping or moving company fees, and any additional expenses associated with settling into your new location.
  4. Notify employers and schools: Inform your current employer and your children’s schools about your relocation plans. Determine if there are any necessary formalities or paperwork that need to be completed before the move.
  5. Make housing arrangements: Research housing options in your new city. Determine whether you will rent or buy a property, and explore neighborhoods that align with your preferences and requirements. Consider the timing of securing housing to ensure a smooth transition.
  6. Organize important documents: Gather and organize all the necessary documents you will need for the immigration process and to establish your new life in the US. This may include identification documents, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational records, and employment references.
  7. Set a timeline: Establish a timeline for your move, considering important dates such as visa application deadlines, lease agreements, and your desired arrival date in the US. Plan your tasks accordingly to ensure a smooth transition.

Contact our Canada to US movers today

Be free to contact Harris Movers today and schedule your move from Canada to the US. Our team will be here for you every step of the way so we can plan the perfect move you’ll love. With our Canada to US movers, you won’t have any problems or worries. Leave everything to us, including packing, transporting, and storage. Enjoy your easy relocation and save your time and energy for more pressing matters.

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