How to make packing for an international relocation fun for kids

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Relocating internationally with kids in tow presents a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to packing. It’s a process that can easily become overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for both parents and children. However, with a little creativity and help from packers and movers Sudbury parents recommend, you can transform packing for an international relocation fun for kids into an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Involving kids in the packing process is crucial. It not only helps alleviate their anxieties but also builds their excitement for the new adventure ahead.

Create a packing plan together

Involving kids in creating a packing plan can turn a daunting task into an engaging activity. So, sit down together and discuss the move to help them feel less anxious about the process. Explain why and where you’re moving, and the importance of packing. Assign tasks to each child according to their age and ability. Younger kids can sort their toys, while older ones can manage their clothes or books. Break down the packing process into smaller, manageable steps. For instance, dedicate one day to packing soft toys and another to books. Use a colorful chart or calendar to track progress, giving kids a visual representation of their achievements. This method not only keeps the packing organized but also gives kids a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

A mom making packing for an international relocation fun for kids.
When you make packing for an international relocation fun for kids, you make the entire relocation a lot easier for them.

Make packing for an international relocation fun for kids by playing games 

Transform packing for an international relocation fun for kids with simple, creative games. Making packing a game can transform a potentially stressful international move into an exciting adventure for kids. Here are some playful and engaging ways to involve them in the packing process:

  • Color-Coded Box Challenge: Assign a color to each type of item or room. For example, blue for bathroom items, and red for toys. Provide stickers or colored markers for kids to decorate the boxes accordingly. This not only makes packing fun but also helps with organizing and unpacking later.
  • Packing Races: Set a timer and challenge kids to pack a certain number of items before it goes off. The fast-paced nature of this game adds excitement and can significantly speed up the packing process. Rewards like stickers or a small treat for winning can be great motivators.
  • Guess the Item Game: Place an item in a box and let kids guess what it is by feeling the box or asking yes/no questions. This game not only makes packing fun but also sharpens their deductive skills.
  • Packing Bingo: Create a bingo card with different packing tasks, like “pack 5 books” or “wrap a fragile item.” As kids complete these tasks, they mark off the squares. The first one to get a full line wins a prize.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hide small treats or tokens in some of the packing supplies. As kids pack, they can discover these surprises, adding an element of treasure hunting to the process.
  • Musical Packing: Play music and when the music stops, everyone must pack an item as fast as they can. This variation of musical chairs adds a fun, rhythmic element to packing.
A family drawing on moving boxes.
Let your kids personalize moving boxes to help them feel less anxious about the relocation.

Personalize packing supplies when you make packing for an international relocation fun for kids 

This is a fantastic way for kids to feel special and excited about the move. Before international movers in Sudbury ON start relocating your boxes, encourage your kids to decorate their boxes with stickers, markers, or colorful decorative tape. This simple act transforms ordinary boxes into personal treasures. Let kids choose their favorite themes or characters for decoration. This personal touch not only makes the boxes easily identifiable but also adds a fun element to the packing process. Allowing kids to pack their own belongings is equally important. Give them the freedom to decide which toys or books go into which box.

Create packing playlists or storytelling sessions 

Experienced Canada to US movers advise you to create packing playlists or storytelling sessions, as they are fantastic for making packing more enjoyable for kids. Include songs that your family loves or tracks that are upbeat and energizing. Music can greatly lift the mood and make packing feel like a fun activity rather than a chore. You can have themed playlists like the ’80s hits on one day and movie soundtracks on the next. This keeps things fresh and exciting. During packing, play this music loud and encourage dance breaks to shake off any packing fatigue.

For storytelling sessions, set aside time each packing day for kids to share stories about their belongings. As they pack their toys, books, or clothes, they can narrate fond memories associated with them. For younger kids, encourage imaginative stories – maybe their teddy bear went on an epic adventure! For older children, it could be reminiscing about a family vacation or a special birthday. This storytelling not only makes packing a more heartfelt experience but also helps children process the emotions associated with moving. They get to relive happy memories, keeping them connected to their past as they move towards a new beginning. You can also record these storytelling sessions.

A child drawing on a moving box.
Create happy memories with these easy ways to make packing for an international relocation fun for kids.

Pack a travel bag for each child 

As long distance movers from Sudbury ON say, packing a travel bag for each child is crucial for a comfortable journey. Here are some tips:

  • Include favorite toys or stuffed animals for comfort.
  • Pack age-appropriate books or comic books for entertainment.
  • Add snacks that are easy to eat and not too messy.
  • Include a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t forget essential items like a change of clothes and basic toiletries.
  • Consider adding a small blanket or pillow for coziness.
  • Include travel-friendly activities like coloring books, card games, or travel-sized board games.

Turn packing for an international relocation fun for kids with these easy ideas 

Making packing for an international relocation fun for kids is not only possible, but it can also be a memorable part of the journey. These methods not only ease the stress of moving but also help children process the relocation and create joyful memories. After reaching out to the best moving companies Ontario has to offer, it’s time to make the move exciting and positive, building anticipation for the new experiences ahead. By doing so, families can strengthen their bonds and ensure that the memories of moving are as cherished as those of the home they’re leaving behind.

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