Essential packing tips for moving board games from Canada to the US

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Relocating from Canada to the U.S. with your cherished board game collection? From handling delicate miniatures to packing oversized boards, every game requires a thoughtful approach by movers in Ontario to make it across the border unscathed. Let’s dive into how you can safeguard your collection when moving board games from Canada to the US, so every piece arrives ready for game night in your new home.

Gathering packing supplies and equipment

Before you start packing your board games, it’s crucial to gather the right packing supplies in Sudbury ON, and equipment. For board games, you’ll need sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and strong packing tape to keep boxes sealed. Additionally, consider using plastic wrap to prevent moisture damage and silica gel packs to absorb any excess humidity.

For tools, a good set of screwdrivers for disassembling any game parts and scissors or a box cutter will be essential. When sourcing these materials, look for local moving supply stores or simply reach out to professional movers and have them find you the best options. Remember, investing in quality packing materials can prevent damage and save you from the hassle of replacing rare or beloved games.

Different types of board games require different packing strategies 

Packing strategies vary significantly based on the type of board game. For standard games with cardboard components, wrap each board individually in bubble wrap and stack them vertically in small to medium-sized boxes. Fill any gaps with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to avoid movement.

Games with fragile components like miniatures or figurines require extra care. Wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap, and use small boxes or compartmentalized containers to separate them. For oversized or irregularly shaped board games, dismantle any removable parts and wrap each component separately. Additionally, use custom-sized boxes if possible, ensuring all parts are snugly fitted without forcing them into undersized containers.

A person packing and moving board games from Canada to the US.
Ask professional movers for the best moving supplies.

Card games and collectible card games (CCGs) need protection from bending and moisture. Place cards in plastic sleeves or cardholder binders, then pack these into small, firm boxes. Keep the boxes flat and stack them in a larger box lined with packing material to cushion against shocks and bumps during transit. With these strategies, your games will stay organized and in top condition, ready for unpacking and play in your new home.

Techniques for safely packing and protecting board games

Packing your board games properly ensures they arrive in the same condition as they left. Bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam inserts are invaluable for cushioning your games. Wrap boards and game boxes individually with bubble wrap to protect against scratches and dents. Packing paper is great for filling gaps inside the box, ensuring components don’t shift during transport. Foam inserts can be used for added protection around more delicate items like miniatures.

Secure all game pieces and components to prevent movement:

  • Small zip-lock bags or plastic containers work well for keeping pieces together and can be tucked securely into the main game box.
  • Tape these containers shut to avoid spillage.
  • For the game boxes themselves, wrap them in plastic wrap to guard against moisture and dust. Afterward, add a final layer of bubble wrap for extra protection.

When you pack each game, label the boxes clearly. Include the game’s name, the room it belongs in, and any special handling instructions like “Fragile” or “This Side Up.” This not only helps with organizing and unpacking but also ensures that anyone handling the boxes knows they contain delicate items. Proper labeling speeds up the unpacking process, letting you get back to gaming sooner.

People playing board games after moving board games from Canada to the US.
Use zip-lock bags for smaller items.

The benefits of hiring movers for moving board games from Canada to the US 

Choosing professional Canada to US movers to transport your board games and other belongings can significantly ease the stress of moving. Professionals are experienced in handling fragile items, ensuring your games are packed and transported with care. They use the right materials and techniques to protect every component, from the smallest piece to the largest board.

Movers also provide insurance, which means your collection is covered in case of damage or loss—a big plus for irreplaceable games or collectibles. They can handle the heavy lifting and manage logistics, such as navigating long distances or tricky parking situations, which might be overwhelming if you’re moving alone or with limited help. Hiring movers can also save time.

They can pack your entire household swiftly and efficiently, thanks to their expertise and teamwork. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your move, like setting up your new home or finalizing last-minute details. Additionally, professional movers often have access to tools and vehicles that make moving quicker and safer, such as furniture pads, dollies, and large trucks.

Darts and a board.
Once you arrive and unpack, set up and organize all of your board games.

Organize your board games in a fun way after unpacking

When you move from Canada to the U.S. and need to organize your board games, start by sorting them by size. Place larger boxes on the bottom shelves. This makes it easy to see everything. Next, consider the frequency of play. Games you play often should be easily accessible and rarely played games can be stored higher up.

For a fun twist, create a color-coded system. Use colorful stickers or markers on each box. Assign each color to a game category, like strategy or family games. This adds a playful look to your storage area and helps you find games quickly. If you have limited space, think vertically and use stackable clear bins. Furthermore, label each bin with the names of the games inside.

For unpacking, host a game-unpacking party. Invite friends or family and make it fun with snacks and music. Each guest can help unpack a game. Lastly, create a gaming corner. Set up a small table with chairs in your game storage area. Decorate it with game-themed items, like dice and playing cards. This invites everyone to play and makes the space special.

Final thoughts on moving board games from Canada to the US 

Overall, moving board games from Canada to the US doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right preparation and materials, each game can be securely packed and protected. Utilizing bubble wrap, packing paper, and proper labeling are key steps. Hiring professional international movers Sudbury ON collectors recommend can further enhance the safety and efficiency of the move, providing peace of mind through insurance and expert handling.

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